Wolfson College
Winter Ball 2017


On the 2nd December 2017, please join us at the Prohibition ball to experience the swinging 20s! During the dark decade of prohibition, revelers sought out new pastimes to fill the void. While these forms of entertainment were more respectable, they were anything but pedestrian, as Swing and Jazz won over the hearts, souls and legs of every fun-loving American. Make your way down to the secret world of our 1920’s underground Speakeasy bar, or ascend to the upper floors of Wolfson to enter the romantic world of the glistening 20s! Soon, live music will demand you take to the dance floor, as the underground world comes to life for one night only and we fight dawn to our last breaths, celebrating the days when the sun never set.

Dress Code

Black Tie


21:00 - Sparkling reception for all guests
03:45 - Survivors photo
04:00 - Carriages


Tickets are now sold out! If you wish to obtain a ticket, email us to be added to the waiting list.

Important Information

A valid photo ID will be required when collecting tickets. For guests who purchased multiple tickets by Paypal, only the person who paid will be able to collect the tickets.

Further enquiries: wolfsonball@gmail.com



Amy Kao


Kerstin Frie

Chief Designer

David Wang

Food & Drink

Sarah Connolly


John Sandford O'Neill

IT Officer

Sam Sutton

Senior Member

Prof. Christina Redfield

Ball Planning Consultants

Nicholas Michelarakis

Wasim Akhtar

Contact Us

For further enquiries email wolfsonball@gmail.com